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Olivia Cox – TV / Radio Presenter & Fitness Blogger

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We were drawn to OFFENSIVE Fashion brand ambassador, Olivia Cox, thanks to her infectious positive energy and humour, which have taken her on the most extraordinary career path, showing what a woman #OnTheOffensive can achieve.

Action-oriented Olivia started her career in 2006 by serving in the British Army, based in Germany. She joined the Royal Artillery and became a Ski Captain for an alpine racing team, specialising in slalom.

The Army changed Olivia’s life forever, especially when she was training at Sandhurst. Olivia says humbly, “Training at Sandhurst shaped who I am today. The experience was totally humbling. No one had an ego, we were all in it together – even Prince Harry who was treated just the same as everyone else.”

‘Fashioning’ the Sports World

After serving her country for 5 years, her love of writing became apparent. She left the Army and was welcomed into the world of journalism to write beauty and style pages for Marie Claire. During her time at Marie Claire, young Olivia would often have to step into shoots last minute to model for many campaigns. She was called into a shoot with makeup artist, Tanya Burr, to model a makeup look, and the opportunities started pouring in.

She continues her journalism interests by contributing to The Huffington Post, and her debut book published in 2014 enjoyed great success on the Amazon nonfiction charts.

Olivia often presents international travel shows and much-loved beauty events, interviewing celebrity guests. Olivia aims to blur the divide between fashion and fitness in everything she is involved in. In her words, “You can lift the heaviest weight and be the best at your sport, but you can still look great when working out!” adding, “When you look good, you feel good and this is reflective in sport too.”


Setting Goals with Olivia Cox

Olivia’s passions include running and skiing, having competed in both whilst serving in the British Army. Recently, Olivia completed a PT qualification at No1 Fitness Education to advise her audience  on accurate sports and safety knowledge. Olivia notes, “I want to make women (and men) feel empowered when working out, and give them the best possible support to improve their lives.”

Olivia continues to host workouts via her social media channels. Her ultimate dream is to host an adventure sport show championing women. When Olivia isn’t working, she enjoys family time at her home in Richmond with her beautiful mum, and her Bafta Award-Winning film director Dad!

Olivia Cox is an OFFENSIVE Fashion woman because she is all about feel-good vibes and is #OnTheOFFENSIVE – as someone who has worked hard to find the right path for her. At OFFENSIVE Fashion we respect hard work, and people who take ownership and work towards their goals – people who #GetOnIt!

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