Q&A With ​OFFENSIVE Fashion​’s Founders

OFFENSIVE Fashion ​is the product of its founders’ passion for human wellbeing, and their drive to find clothes that help them to feel good – ​physically, mentally and socially. ​OFFENSIVE Fashion​’s garments were designed from the outset to be soft, yet durable, using combed cotton with a little stretch to give the wearer a peaceful day’s wear. In Simon’s words, ​“They are the most comfortable things l have in my wardrobe!”

Simon and Tamsin, what led you to start OFFENSIVE Fashion?

Tamsin: We were living in Singapore at the time. Our sons were at school there, and as a result of their needs, we started to make trips over to Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam, to have the school uniform copied in different, more comfortable fabrics. These were softer, allowing all of them to wear regulation uniforms and be comfortable, as opposed to feeling itchy and anxious. One of them felt so uncomfortable, both physically and mentally in his school uniform, that sometimes he refuses to even go to school!

Simon: ​Having seen the benefits of garments made with more comfortable fabrics, which were also made with a strong eco mindset, it was a no-brainer to move to manufacture more for others, and see their positive reactions too!

Is the environment a priority for both of you?

Simon: Definitely – without a doubt. After we’d had our sons’ uniforms made, Tamsin started to research manufacturing processes, environmental impact, and the fashion industry as a whole. We never knew the ugly truth that garments are, on average, only worn 14 times before they are thrown away [​GLAMOUR Online​] was the final straw.

Tamsin: Pretty much straight away we started to create the first ​OFFENSIVE garments to really last the wearer years, and be versatile enough to take the wearer from the beach in the day, to the bar in the evening.


Tamsin: ​Simon had been looking for a birthday gift for a good friend, who has a great sense of style and humour. That’s where the name started…

Simon: ​Having searched the web for a T-Shirt that said ‘offensive’ on it, to fuel a tongue-in-cheek joke with my mate, I was amazed the name hadn’t been taken by a Fashion brand already! So OFFENSIVE Fashion was born, as I thought there was a gap for provocatively named garments that are, at the same time, ​in​offensive to the planet, and start a conversation!

Tamsin: This first collection of Polo Shirts and T-Shirts is just the beginning. We’re set to expand the OFFENSIVE Fashion​ line in the near future.. watch this space!

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These garments are designed from the outset to be soft, yet durable, using combed cotton with a little stretch to give the wearer a peaceful day’s wear.

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