The Polo Edit: Get the fit right!

The Polo shirt is one of our favorite menswear garments at OFFENSIVE Fashion. At any point in time we’ve got more than just a few hanging in our wardrobes. 

Why? Because they’re so versatile! Consider the Polo your most flexible of friends when it comes to wardrobe uses. There’s so many places your friendly Polo can take you, just ready and waiting to be worn. 

Working in the office today? – wear with chinos. Going for a coffee?  – pair with jeans. Going for a stroll? – try them with your favourite joggers. Planning a lovely dinner out? – slip under a blazer or bomber jacket for a casual, cool look.


Not many garments can claim to take you to so many different places! 

The deregulation of dress codes in recent times placed the Polo into poll position in your wardrobe, just ready and waiting to get out there. 

There really aren’t many places a good fitting Polo Shirt can’t take you, but this last bit is key: the fit will turn your Polo from merely functional – to very stylish. 

A well fitted Polo not only looks good, but helps you feel good too.

Feeling both stylish and comfortable really can give your confidence a boost:  from Harry Styles to David Beckham, these men understand what a good fitting Polo can do for them and so can you by following our simple fitting guide. 

Style and sizing – The Goldilocks Principle

Whilst fashions come and go – be that tight or oversized clothing – one style remains timeless: that which skims the body. This classic keeps you looking and feeling good, time and again. 

OFFENSIVE Fashion people call this the “Goldilocks” fit: not too tight, not too big, just right”. 

So how do we achieve this? Getting the Goldilocks “just right” fit: 

A well fitted Polo should skim your body: you should be able to move freely without restriction:

There should be no tightness in the shoulders, arms, back or front. 

Restrictions in movement are both uncomfortable and impractical, which is something we want to avoid. 

Similarly a Polo should not be too big: excess fabric will also hinder movement and be difficult to style under clothes.

Introducing The Two Finger test 

Far from being OFFENSIVE, the two-finger test can help you identify a great fitting Polo shirt as easy as 1,2,3: 

  1. Put two fingers between the sleeve and arm. 
  2. If you can’t get them between your sleeve and arm, it’s too tight. 
  3. If there is more room for another finger to fit, it’s too big. 


  1. Look for the seams on the shoulders. 
  2. They should sit just at the edge of your shoulders for a “just right” look. 
  3. Below the shoulders and it’s too big, above and it’s too small


  1. A Polo shirt sleeve should come down from the shoulder and stop around two thirds of the way down from your biceps. 
  2. It’s OK for them to be a bit higher or lower
  3. It’s not OK for them to sit just above the elbow (too long) or close to the armpit (too short). 


  1. Fabric should drape over your chest 
  2. Avoid excess fabric – this creates an unattractive tent effect
  3. Not too tight: revealing lumps and bumps isn’t ideal unless you’re fully ripped and wanting to show it! 


  1. Collars should lie flat, even when buttoned to the top. 
  2. If it pulls tight at the neck when done up, go up a size 
  3. If the collar sags and drags, the fit is too big. Go down a size.

The Goldilocks Principle when shopping online 

It’s much easier to judge your size when you can try it on, but we all make mistakes when buying online. So how can we reduce the chance of making a bad purchase? 

Invest in a measuring tape – your style assistant and eco-warrior

Like all good work, preparation is key: investing in a soft tape measure will enable you to determine your measurements before purchasing clothing online. 

This small cost investment yields a lot more than you think: 

  1. It empowers you to purchase your correct sizing with confidence. 
  2. It empowers you to shop responsibly by returning fewer garments: 
    • Helping reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary or avoidable returns 
    • Helping the retailer reduce their need to repackage and re-plastic the product when later couriered to someone else. 

Who knew the humble measuring tape was an eco-assistant and warrior? 

How to measure up

For a complete guide in how to measure up at home use our online measuring guide

We understand that busy men may not have time or maybe the confidence to measure up themselves. If you know your size in familiar shops – check online for our OFFENSIVE Fashion size comparison chart to identify which our sizes will fit you best: 

We hope you enjoyed reading how to size up your Polo. 

Remember – this is just a guide. If you want to wear your Polos tight or loose – Get On It! 

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