What Kind of OFFENSIVE Are You?

What we love at OFFENSIVE is the diversity of people who identify with our ethos: living life to the full, being successful in whatever they do and having huge fun whilst they do it!

Amongst our community we have some interesting characters that we’d love to share with you:


French born, living in Bali, young fashion designer. Theo’s favourite OFFENSIVE is the white Polo which he prefers to wear as a regular fit because it’s cool, light and great for riding on his rather special motorbike in hot weather.

White Collar Boxer winner, father of two, corporate Director. Matts favourite OFFENSIVE garment is the blue T-Shirt because it’s got the strength and stretch to help him train for fights without looking tired after a few rounds (unlike his competitors).

Pilates teacher, health guru and party person (healthy living and partying can go hand in hand as one is good for the body, the other for the soul!). Kim’s favourite OFFENSIVE garment are the Polo’s, which she wears in the smallest size for a figure hugging fit, showing off her great physique whilst letting everyone know she’s playful and a little bit cheeky!

So what kind of OFFENSIVE person are you? We’d love to see some of photos wearing your OFFENSIVE to see what our community gets up to!

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