The Rich List – Singapore Grand Prix

There was an incredible rush of excitement at OFFENSIVE when we were asked to be official sponsors of the F1 in Singapore.

The team at F1 were keen to wear the OFFENSIVE Polo’s as they felt we perfectly aligned with what the F1 stands for: the perfect balance between fierce competition amongst the drivers and teams, along with the heady mix of entertainment offered by the worlds best DJ’s and musicians during and after the event.

When Singapore Urban Polo approached us to sponsor them, we were keen to explore the event further. Urban Polo is a relative newcomer to the sporting world, but we became as excited as the organisers when we investigated it further: this event marries the highly developed skills of riders and horse, with some of the worlds best fashion, music and cuisine – in what is arguably one of the chicest cities in the world!

To create this event, Urban Polo have customised the traditional rules of polo and simplified them: the event is for anyone who appreciates great sporting skills and even polo newcomers can follow the action without prior knowledge of the game. This updated version of Polo is more fast-paced and compact, creating a more dynamic experience for spectators to experience. Combined with a great music line up, fashionista and exclusive alcoholic beverages, this event firmly places Urban Polo in the fun and competitive world of OFFENSIVE!

We look forward to sharing exclusive footage of the February 2020 event with you!

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